We Closed a Deal. And We Learned a Lesson!

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Muhammad Sharjeel Ashraf
Senior Digital Marketing Manager | Lead Generation | SEO & PPC | Go To Marketing | B2B & SaaS 
“You can get conversions from the most unlikeliest of places.”

I have been working with Finance companies, consulting them for digital marketing and demand generation for a long time now. Majority of the sales and marketing experts I have come across have a strict philosophy that only a specific set of industries can actually bring qualified leads when it comes to Finance.
While that may be true for most cases, but not always.

A while back, I was having a meeting with some of the sales and revenue experts and they suggested:
We should stop considering leads that fall in the jewelry, fashion, or construction industry. They are simply bad leads. 

Everyone agreed. It made sense for them. I, however, had a different opinion…