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Salon on 65th

Salon on 65th is a contemporary hair salon located in the Indianapolis, IN area. The salon recently engaged Veritas Agency with the focus of improving its online marketing presence in order to reach a wider audience and enhance its overall visibility with the help of social media marketing. With its commitment to providing high-quality hair services, the salon wanted a new branding image that reflected it as the go-to destination for those in search of a modern and stylish haircut.

About the Company

Salon on 65th is established salon looking to grow its business using a well-executed social media marketing strategy. The salon focused on providing exceptional customer service and creating a welcoming, professional atmosphere, which built a loyal client base, positive reviews and numerous referrals. By continuously improving the salon’s services and customer experience, the salon built a reputation as a trusted provider of beauty and grooming in its area.

The Challenge

Salon on 65th wanted to leverage popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, in order to reach a larger and targeted audience, and build relationships with potential customers. The salon engaged Veritas Agency create social media campaigns that showcases its services, highlight customer testimonials, offer exclusive promotions and discounts, and inform the community of new hiring opportunities within the salon.

The Solution

By consistently posting high-quality content and engaging with followers, the salon grew a strong online community and further established its brand as a leader in the industry. The salon used social media advertising to reach a wider audience and drive more traffic to its website, where customers could learn more about its services and book appointments. With the right approach, social media marketing showed to be a powerful tool for this established salon looking to expand its reach and grow its business.

With consistent branding and messaging, the salon was able to further strengthen its brand recognition, show that the salon is committed to delivering high-quality services and is a reputable and trustworthy business, and created a memorable and recognizable user experience.

In just one month of social media campaigns and advertising, the salon saw a significant increase in business, community awareness, positive reviews and referrals. With 1 active workstream, the client requested a variety of creative layouts with a consistent look and message, in order to have a greater impact on customers. The company continues to use Veritas Agency with its social media campaigns and advertising.

The Results

Salon on 65th was able to leverage the power of social media by creating a strong online presence, posting regularly about its services and promotions, and engaging with followers. In just one month of social media campaigns and advertising, the salon saw a significant increase in business, community awareness, positive reviews and referrals. By implementing these growth strategies, the established salon successfully attracted new clients, grew its business, and maintained its position as a leading provider of beauty and grooming services in its area.

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