Here is How We Reduced MQL Cost by 70% Using Webinars

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Muhammad Sharjeel Ashraf
Senior Digital Marketing Manager | Lead Generation | SEO & PPC | Go To Marketing | B2B & SaaS 
This may come as a surprise but promoting your webinars instead of demo pages is a sure-fire way to success. But before I start, here is what I am going to cover.

* How to start webinar ads
* Why create a target persona
* How to find MQL ratio for Webinar leads
* How to repurpose your webinar content
* Why repurpose and reuse your webinar content
* Monitor Results

If you are in any industry where the lead cost looks unjust or exorbitant, the best way to start getting leads is with gated content. This can be anything but to give you an example, I am sharing a list of gated content pieces that actually work for me.

1. Ebooks
2. Webinars
3. Case Studies
4. Whitepapers
5. Podcasts
6. Quizzes
7. Calculators

In the last two weeks, we got a good number of leads just by spending a budget of $250. On an average, our lead cost for gated content is $60 and for Demo request pages, it is $120. However, we were able to reduce the cost to $15 for our webinar. And all the leads that we received were those who were our target market…