Gater Waiter™ by TagPro inc.


[one_half] Talgaiting – it’s an American tradition. And now, so is the GATER WAITER™ portable buffet. Present your next party menu masterpiece in a GATER WAITER™ lightweight, portable food buffet unit full of possibilities. The GATER WAITER™ portable buffet makes for a uniquely stunning food presentation for tailgating, parties, catering, buffets, special events and more. Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, the GATER WAITER™ portable buffet is 100% manufactured by TAGPRO inc. in the United States. [/one_half]


  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Project Type: Brand Identity + Responsive Website
  • Platform: Custom WordPress
  • Industry: Products, Start-Up Business
  • Launched: December 2014


What Did We Do?

New to the market, Gater Waiter by TAGPRO inc. was looking to establish an enhanced online identity, we collaborated with them on the build of the their initial website. We created a mobile-optimized responsive layout, added a WordPress blog for better article management, and included e-Commerce features.

Logo Design.

We collaborated with them on a rebrand and reimagining their logo. While fully redesigning their website, it was a perfect time to create an iconic mark to support their dedicated client service and make their branding more recognizable. With an array of products in the market, to was our goal was to ensure their branding fit nicely alongside competitors while still standing out on its own.

Logo Exploration.

With the desire to have something both clean and classic, we explored several different directions throughout the process. After experimenting with imagery more literal to a stamp or a seal, we landed on design that reflects the classic, American red-white-blue theme and embodies what they do. The end result is the perfect feel that clients of all types and ages can relate to.


Custom Website Design.

We developed the entire site on the robust, secure and scalable  ecommerce platform to maximize their ability to reach their target markets and give consumers an easy way to pick up their products no matter where they’re located. The site’s also lightly loaded with informative content to support the company’s marketing, distribution and expansion efforts. We gave it a clean, minimal and professional look and feel, along with code that is designed for strong search engine performance and mobile-responsiveness.